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To Recruit, educate and mobilize Latinas to participate in the political process and support progressive issues of impact to Latinas in Arizona.

Las Adelitas were the women soldiers that fought alongside men during the Mexican revolution, these mujeres sacrificed their lives to fight for, and defend their beliefs. Today, the spirit and image of Las Adelitas has come to represent our broader struggles for social justice and equality.


Las Adelitas Arizona has worked for over ten years to open up the political process for Latinas in our state. We have supported the personal and professional development of many women in our organization. Our members help orient our groups focus and weigh in on the initiatives we pursue. We mobilize to help Latinas running for office, we create workshops and forums addressing the needs or concerns of our community, we connect volunteers with partnered organizations and we create and fund opportunities for training and development. Most recently, Las Adelitas established the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez scholarship to support the college education of Adelitas in Arizona. Be a part of something bigger! Consider joining Las Adelitas Arizona!


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    Las Adelitas Arizona Post Election Statement


    For Immediate Release
    Monday, November 21st 2016
    Contact: Michelle Aguilera, Chair
    lasadelitasarizona@gmail.com or (520) 249-4467

    Las Adelitas Arizona Post Election Statement

    Tucson, Arizona – We all share in the grief and disappointment that this past election has dealt us. We took our time to process the outcome. These times are uncertain and the futures of so many of our community members seem frightening. But at this historical seeming moment we must remember all the times our people before us took up the cause and pushed for justice and equity.  While the presidential election has potential devastating effects on Latino communities, underneath that shadow are important victories including from some of our endorsed candidates.

                 We have new Latina mayors Anna Tovar and Mila Besich-Lira for the towns of Tolleson and Superior. We have strong leadership and Indigenous representation in the Arizona House and Senate with Wenona Benally and Jamescita Peshlakai. Rebecca Rios and Charlene Fernandez were elected Minority Leader and Minority Whip of the Arizona House of Representatives, respectively, by their peers in the Democratic caucus. Rosanna Gabaldón, Olivia Cajero Bedford, and Lisa Otondo all won re-election to their seats for Legislative districts 2, 3 and 4.   

                We are also heartened to see the defeat of Maricopa’s Sherriff Joe Arpaio in favor of Paul Penzone in a campaign largely led by Latinx activists. These activists had grown up with fear of Arapio but have now grown to see the efficacy of their political power.  This election is a call to action. Now, more than ever, we need to organize. Trump will be held accountable for his actions as president. We need a country that we can be proud of and that represents all of us. Our mission did not change with this election and neither did our commitment to our community. Please visit www.lasadelitasarizona.com for more information about volunteering in our community and about our Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Scholarship which promotes the advancement of Latinas in higher education.  

     Take your time, gather yourself, ensure the safety of yourself and your family, and when you are ready to organize and fight we are ready to fight alongside with you. Adelante.


    Las Adelitas Arizona PAC encourages Latinas in Arizona to participate in the political process and support progressive issues.

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    Press Release: Las Adelitas Endorses Victoria Steele for Congressional District 2


    Las Adelitas Endorses Victoria Steele for Congressional District 2

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016


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    Las Adelitas Arizona 7th Annual Posada
    Saturday, December 09, 2017 at 06:00 PM · $20.00 USD
    Petroglyphs in Tucson, AZ

    Las Adelitas Arizona requests that you join us at out 7th Annual Posada! 
    Proceeds go to our Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Scholarship, a scholarship created to support mujeres pursuing higher education. This year we will be celebrating Las Adelitas founding member Regina Romero as our Adelita del Año. 
    Become a part of our supporting team and buy a ticket or two! It's a family-friendly event filled with music, fun, food & community. 


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