About us


To Recruit, educate and mobilize Latinas to participate in the political process and support progressive issues of impact to Latinas in Arizona.

Las Adelitas were the women soldiers that fought alongside men during the Mexican revolution, these mujeres sacrificed their lives to fight for, and defend their beliefs. Today, the spirit and image of Las Adelitas has come to represent our broader struggles for social justice and equality.


Las Adelitas Arizona has worked for over ten years to open up the political process for Latinas in our state. We have supported the personal and professional development of many women in our organization. Our members help orient our groups focus and weigh in on the initiatives we pursue. We mobilize to help Latinas running for office, we create workshops and forums addressing the needs or concerns of our community, we connect volunteers with partnered organizations and we create and fund opportunities for training and development. Most recently, Las Adelitas established the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez scholarship to support the college education of Adelitas in Arizona. Be a part of something bigger! Consider joining Las Adelitas Arizona!