Las Adelitas Arizona Stands With #BlackLivesMatter:

Las Adelitas Arizona issued the following statement today in response to the ongoing crisis in the United States resulting from systemic injustice, police brutality and state-sanctioned violence. While this is not a new problem, this most recent crisis, following the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Iyanna Dior, Dion Johnson, and far too many others, has brought unprecedented attention.
Las Adelitas Arizona stands with Black people and communities throughout the United States and globally who are rising to protest state-sanctioned violence and police brutality as well as systemic racism and the institutions that support it. We stand with you and alongside you.
To that end, Las Adelitas Arizona recommits to our work dismantling systemic and institutional racism and the structures of White Supremacy that maintain it. Las Adelitas Arizona was founded to galvanize the voice and the vote of Latinas in Arizona. We urge our members and people of conscience to use their voices and their votes to do the necessary work to educate ourselves, our families and our leaders about the history of racism and anti-blackness in our country and families and to work actively and together to create a just, representative, safe and healthy country.
Furthermore, we support the right of people to organize, mobilize, and protest injustice wherever it exists. We condemn President Trump’s threat to use military force against protestors and using tear gas and rubber bullets against protestors.
With this in mind, Las Adelitas Arizona commits to supporting and making space for Black organizations and leaders who are already at the forefront of this fight. We will follow their lead as we stand in solidarity with them in this fight.
To that end, we invite our members to join the youth organizing A Celebration of Black Lives and Black Lives Matter Tucson on Saturday, June 6 from 3 – 6 at the University of Arizona Free Speech area. Additionally, we urge you to make a contribution to the Black People’s Justice Fund which was created in response to the targeting of Black people by police, to keep people out of jails, prisons, and detention centers.

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