Las Adelitas Arizona is a non-profit organization based in southern Arizona that works to engage Latinas in the political process and support progressive issues. We are funded completely by our members and individuals that believe in giving a voice to our community and changing the face of the political landscape in our state.

As Latinas we are invested in striving for gender equality and raising awareness around issues that affect our children, our families, and the community. We suport the personal development and civic engagement of women of color in our state as well as candidates, issues, and organizations that support us. We are the only group of our kind in Arizona and are working hard to grow and make a difference.

No gift or support is too small, and every donation works to further the mission and empower young Latinas in the community! Please consider signing up as a member or making a donation today!

Las Adelitas Arizona

Who's donating

Maria Duarte
Anna Rivera
Gretchen Mais
Karen Phelps
Madeleine Wachter
Michael Martinez
Luci Messing
Dominic Ortega
Lydia Otero
Catherine Farrell
Carlos Palomares
Donald Slack
Tania Eulalia Martinez Cruz
Nadia Alvarez Mexia
Kristel Ann Foster
Jessala Grijalva
Jeremy and Valerie Garcia
Edgar Melendrez
Ian Wan
Kristel Ann Foster
Desiree Aranda
Charlene Mendoza
Lisa Fernandez
Tom WArne
Pam Grissom
Carolina Rodriguez
Amanda LeClair-Diaz
Anna Rivera
Pam Grissom