Las Adelitas Arizona Announces Endorsement of Regina Romero for Mayor of Tucson

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January 21st, 2019


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Tucson, Arizona – Las Adelitas Arizona PAC – a political action committee that encourages Latinas in Arizona to participate in the political process and support progressive issues – today has announced their early endorsement of Regina Romero for Mayor of Tucson.

“As Tucson's Ward 1 City Council member for the last 11 years, she has been an ardent champion of civil rights, environmental protection and economic justice.” said Las Adelitas Arizona Board Chair Jennifer Allen. “In addition to being the best qualified candidate, she'd be the first woman Mayor EVER in Tucson's 150 years of having a mayor/council."

Regina is one of the original founding members of Las Adelitas Arizona. Her drive to represent women and working families as well as to protect our environment has earned her three terms on the City Council. While on the Council, she has helped lift Tucson out of the Great Recession to its most prosperous decade in recent history, writing the City’s Primary Jobs Incentive program and calling for the Creation of an Economic Initiatives Office – both of which have resulted in thousands of long-term, good-paying jobs. She has championed issues such as equal pay for equal work and spearheaded the successful effort to pass universal earned sick and parental leave for City of Tucson families.

As Mayor, Romero will focus on developing an economic incentive program that will help small businesses thrive in the City, and work with experts to craft a citywide climate resiliency action plan to combat the imminent threat of climate change. She will also work to ensure the delivery of core services to city residents including investing in our roads, connections for pedestrians and cyclists, making our transit systems more reliable and affordable, and enhancing our parks and open spaces for our community to enjoy.

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Las Adelitas were the women soldiers who fought along men during the Mexican revolution of 1910. These women sacrificed their lives to fight for and defend their beliefs. Today, the spirit and image of Las Adelitas has come to represent the broader struggles for social justice and equality that Las Adelitas Arizona works for every day by recruiting, educating and mobilizing Latinas to participate in the political process and supporting progressive issues of impact to Latinas in Arizona.


Based in southern Arizona, Las Adelitas Arizona PAC is a statewide political action committee (PAC) that encourages Latinas in Arizona to participate in the political process and support progressive issues. Las Adelitas Arizona PAC was established in 2006 to open up the political process for Arizona Latinas. They mobilize Latinas to run for office; create workshops and forums addressing the needs or concerns of the Latino community; connect volunteers with partner organizations; and create and fund opportunities for training and development. For more information, visit

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