Las Adelitas Scholarship

The Dr. Maria Teresa Velez scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Maria Teresa Velez, by Las Adelitas Arizona. An Adelita herself, Dr. Velez dedicated much of her professional life to the advancement of underrepresented groups in higher education.  Dr. Velez focused on diversity programs and helped increase the presence of minority students in graduate and post graduate studies. She was a tireless advocate for minority students and mentored many Latinas as they pursued their educational goals, including many Adelitas.  As a longtime Tucsonan, Dr. Velez become an esteemed member of our community who encompasses the many values of Las Adelitas Arizona. This scholarship honors the tradition of lifting as we climb.  



Dr. Maria Teresa Velez with 2014 scholarship recipients: Kalena Noriega (left) and Cenorina Ramirez (right)


2015 recipients of the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Scholarship: Paola Miramontes (left center) Alexandra Samarron (right center) Monica Gomez Lopez (not pictured)



2016 recipients of the Dr. Maria Teresa Velez Scholarship: Alejandra Ramirez, Alexis Orozco, Azucena Trujillo Fuentas (not pictures), Cody Miller-Muñoz (not pictured)



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