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Student/Activist Membership

Las Adelitas Arizona is volunteer organization that is supported through the contributions of membership dues and donations.

As an organization we recognize the importance of not excluding those who wish to contribute to the mission of Las Adelitas Arizona, which is why are committed to providing affordable options for Adelitas who are pursuing their studies or community work. 

A student/activist membership helps support the day-to-day activities of the organization. Membership benefits include voting privileges in board elections and voting on which candidates the organization supports through the Candidate Review Committee. Other membership benefits include participation in quarterly membership meetings and having a voice in the organizations strategy. 

Adelitas are both men and women who are committed to creating change in Arizona, join today to be a part of the change you wish to see in Arizona!


Who's donating

Vanessa Arredondo
Felicia Chew
Laura Enriquez
Jessala Grijalva
Kindra Speech
Jessala Grijalva

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  • Vanessa Arredondo
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  • Laura Enriquez
    I just became a member of Las Adelitas Arizona!
  • Laura Enriquez
  • Jessala Grijalva
  • Kindra Speech
  • Jessala Grijalva