Las Adelitas Arizona Condemns Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy

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June 25, 2018                                                             Laura Enriquez

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Tucson, AZ – Las Adelitas Vice-Chair, Gabriela Valdez issued the following statement today in response to the ongoing crisis in the United States resulting from the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy and the practice of separating children from their families.

“Las Adelitas Arizona condemns the Trump administration’s cruel zero tolerance policy at the U.S.-Mexico border as a cruel violation of the human rights of immigrant parents and children. It has been reported that between April 19th to June 18th, 2,300 children were separated and sent to detention centers and makeshift tent cities across this country. Separating family was in not required by law; this has simply been the political actions of a cruel and xenophobic administration.  The separation of children from their families has created unnecessary terror and trauma that will live with these children for the rest of their lives. Even the repeal of this practice still allows families to be held indefinitely without being seen by a judge.”

In response to this crisis, Las Adelitas Arizona is calling on all people with a conscience to stand together to denounce the policy and demand family unity as a fundamental principle of all our immigration and border policies. The organization is urging its members to tell their representatives that we will not allow deal-making that uses children as pawns. They urge their members to call on local elected officials and the Arizona governor to tell them to divest their state resources away from border enforcement practices that undermine the values of our nation and terrorize children.  They are also urging people from across the country to donate to community organizations that provide support and advocacy around immigrant and border community issues. Donations are the lifeblood for small organization and nonprofits. 


Las Adelitas Arizona’s mission is to recruit, educate and mobilize Latinas to participate in the political process and support progressive issues of impact to Latinas in Arizona. Las Adelitas were the women soldiers that fought alongside men during the Mexican revolution, these mujeres sacrificed their lives to fight for, and defend their beliefs. Today, the spirit and image of Las Adelitas has come to represent our broader struggles for social justice and equality.

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